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"They got everything else in the entire bureaucracy that they need to control our healthcare system... with the signing of this bill, thatís why repealing this bill has to be our number one priority." Rep. Boehner

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sign the pledge to repeal obamacare! Repeal the bill!

All Americans must join together to fully repeal ObamaCare. We invite your support to get all members of the Senate and House and all 2012 candidates to sign the pledge and take action to repeal the bill.

1.  Download the Repeal Pledge! Download and Print the Pledge! (get pdf reader).  Then mail, fax, or give it in person to your Congressman and Senators. Ask them to sign & witness it and return it to the address on the pledge. Take copies of the pledge to campaign events, town halls, parades and rallies so you can personally give it to the incumbent or candidate. Stop by District/State offices, asking the staff to be sure to get it signed; and follow up with phone calls or return visits. Email us and let us know the results! If possible, shoot video of you giving them the pledge and asking if they will sign it; send us the link to the video so we can promote it! 

Get email and mailing addresses for the campaign headquarters for all the candidates in your area: Campaign links at  Email it! Mail it! Drop it off at their campaign HQ!

2.  Donate Now!  Help us get every Member of Congress to sign the pledge to Repeal Obama Care with an emergency donation! Thank you!

3.  Share it!  Email your friends--ask them to join in too; and please post/embed a link on your blog, Facebook page or website. With your help, we can get the Senate to pass the repeal bill, and lay the groundwork for a future president to sign to repeal the bill and spare our loved ones all the dangers of government-run health care.

4. Sign Up for Alerts Sign Up For Email Alerts to stay informed on more ways you can help repeal ObamaCare.

for all Members of Congress and Candidates

I, ________________, a Representative/Senator/Candidate in the state of ______________, hereby pledge to the American people that I will do everything in my power to repeal ObamaCare--the 'Affordable Healthcare Act.' I promise to vote in any floor, procedural and committee votes to repeal the law; to help get cosponsors for a repeal bill; to help build a veto-proof majority among my colleagues; and to help in any other way to assure this law is repealed.

Signed, Date

Witness, Date

Return your signed, dated, and witnessed pledge to
The Conservative Caucus
450 Maple Avenue, East, Vienna, VA 22180
703-938-9626 Fax 703-281-4108 ●

Send Them A Message is a project of The Conservative Caucus (TCC); "America's Constitutional Government Citizen Action Organization," dedicated to education and grassroots action to restore America to its Constitutionally limited government.  Peter J. Thomas is the Chairman.

end E-Mail to the President, your Senators and Congressman.

Please consider making a donation so we may expand our lobbying and educational projects even more! Share this website with your friends.

Send Them A Message is a project of
The Conservative Caucus 450 Maple Avenue, East Vienna, VA 22180
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